Digital X-Ray

As obesity rates continue to rise, the radiology community struggles with how to confront the challenges of imaging bariatric patients.

Digital X-Ray

The FDA has cleared Siemens' latest mobile C-arm system, which offers more power than existing devices.

When it comes to working with obese patients, manufacturers and clinicians are trying to solve the challenges presented in diagnostic imaging.

The FDA has given clearance to NDS Surgical Imaging for the Dome S6c diagnostic display.

Innovative radiology monitors, like the LCD screen, provide better quality images.

Intraoperative cholangiography use during cholecystectomy does not reduce the incidence of common hepatic duct or common bile duct injuries.

Ankle radiographs performed on children presenting with acute ankle injuries dropped by almost 22 percent in emergency rooms that implemented the Low Risk Ankle Rule.

Inverting radiographs from having the bones viewed as white to having them view as black may help radiologists detect abnormalities.


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