Direct Radiography

Direct Radiography

Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD received FDA clearance for diagnosis on mobile devices for most imaging modalities.

New image acquisition software from Carestream includes an FDA cleared bone suppression software feature.

Direct radiography photon-counting systems detect more smaller breast cancers and DCIS, but also cause more recalls.

The FDA has given clearance to NDS Surgical Imaging for the Dome S6c diagnostic display.

Despite the availability of clinical guidelines for optimal spine care for back pain patients, many unnecessary diagnostic imaging tests are being performed.

Canon USA Inc. has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its digital radiography detectors, the company announced Tuesday.

Wireless x-ray detectors have come into vogue and are now available from a half dozen vendors. They are being offered singly, as a digital upgrade for analog x-ray systems, for example, or as the core of portable and advanced fixed radiography systems. GE Healthcare is among those offering a portfolio of such choices. But GE is putting a twist on its wireless detector, dubbed the FlashPad, one that company execs say will prevent what could be a ticklish problem in the future. This potential problem stems from the success of digital radiography.


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