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Concerns about additional cost can hold practices back from adopting front-office technology, even though the rewards can more than offset the expense.

KrisEmily McCrory, MD

In part two of our conversation with family medicine physician KrisEmily McCrory, she shares her concerns about the cost to implement unrealistic quality metrics.


As healthcare moves towards a value-based reimbursement system, physicians need to be trained on analytics to better serve patients.

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Continuing off her last blog, a physician shares more changes she has seen related to Obamacare on the front lines of medicine.

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From background checks on employees to investing in new software and hardware, your practice has to be prepared. Here are five ways to stop a cyber criminal from infiltrating your EHR.


No practice is too small to not worry about a cyberattack. Here are four reasons you should be concerned that your EHR is at risk.

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When it comes to long documents, the MACRA proposed rule isn't quite as captivating as "Truman." And this is quite unfortunate for Medicare doctors.


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