Healthcare Reform

Is There Room for Radiologists in ACOs?

Radiologists have yet to see how they can benefit from the ACO model.

Healthcare Reform

The most asked question from state legislators: Does physician quality really impact cost?

We have all experienced patients who demand certain tests or treatments and see the physician’s role as rubber-stamping whatever is desired. Here's how to deal.

Hospitals go to great lengths to control physicians. They take undeserved public credit for physicians’ work. Curiously, physicians capitulate. Why?

Federal mandates for clinical decision support for imaging studies can put radiologists in the forefront of a trend that’s likely to grow.

Here are a few small changes that I recommend that all physicians begin making to improve care coordination, communication, and follow-up care.

A new rule by CMS to punish "bad actors" and new concern with the Independent Payment Advisory Board highlight the problem with Medicare and Medicaid.

At what point should an individual take responsibility for his health, and should there be a financial incentive/disincentive to influence that lifestyle?


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