Healthcare Reform

The Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Utilization Act was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and could change how diagnostic imaging services are used.

Healthcare Reform

Payers are using deceptive methods to get medical practices to accept low rates and new plans. Don't fall into the trap.

Arizona joins 14 other states in requiring breast density patient notification.

Bundling payments for care episodes is gaining popularity among payers. It is episodic risk-sharing, and it can be risky business for physicians.

Use this sample patient credit card authorization policy to ensure your medical practice is able to collect what it is owed.

The release of Medicare payments to physicians is just another step toward greater financial accountability for all physicians, no matter who reimburses your practice.

Recently-passed legislation would make clinical decision support use mandatory and improve appropriateness guidelines for ordering diagnostic imaging.

All of the complaints voiced by physicians are valid and real, but taking on the role of victim makes matters worse.


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