Healthcare Reform

What’s Driving Imaging Utilization?

Factors both within and beyond the radiology industry’s control continue to push utilization, but growth is still slow.

Healthcare Reform

If someone gave me a magic wand and asked me to change the landscape of the U.S. healthcare system here's what I would do.

A radiologist longs for the “mom and pop” days of healthcare.

Population health is much more than a buzzword. It is the future of healthcare, but, why?

Physicians in small practice need to explore how they can survive in a changing financial environment.

Confused about how the healthcare system is going to change? Let's follow the money to find the answers, starting with recent news from CMS.

Real healthcare reform will remain elusive as long as management accepts the notion that the way to fix healthcare is to automate it.

Radiologists and other physicians have been taught to practice defensive medicine.


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