Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

For the most part, women who undergo image-guided core-needle breast biopsies experience minimal pain.

The now FDA-approved angiography system by Siemens Healthcare has been optimized for extensive clinical utilization.

3-D MRI provides a lower error margin and allows radiologists to provide faster treatment advice.

Pairs of specialized CT scans allow researchers to see liver tumors death right after chemo to quickly determine the efficacy of chemoembolization.

The ABR will offer a dual primary certificate in interventional and diagnostic radiology, representing a shift in expertise, the ABMS announced.

Interventional radiology and radiation oncology should merge again, with the development of a new certification: image-targeted oncology.

In 2013, CMS will dramatically reduce the number of codes used for radiology, as well as how your services are coded.


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