PACS and Informatics

At some point, your PACS will outlive its value. Here, experts suggest considerations when evaluating your replacement options.

PACS and Informatics

Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD received FDA clearance for diagnosis on mobile devices for most imaging modalities.

Keeping up with the changing technology of PACS can be difficult, we highlighted what your radiology practice should keep in mind.

Here’s how one radiology department improved their work flow using a free software solution that prioritized cases, easing the stress for referrers and radiologists alike.

Carestream Health received FDA clearance for use of its Vue Motion image view for clinical X-ray reading on mobile devices.

Capturing data on CT radiation doses from RIS/PACS databases was more accurate and cost effective than self-reported survey data.

Radiologists' use of structured reporting

Structured radiology reports promise clearer, more consistent reports that could improve communication with referrers and perhaps even boost productivity.

It’s hard to argue against improved, easy-to-understand radiology reports. To that end, should groups use structured reporting?


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