Practice Management

As obesity rates continue to rise, the radiology community struggles with how to confront the challenges of imaging bariatric patients.

Practice Management

Our “10 Questions” series asks the same questions to a diverse group of professionals in the medical imaging community.

Patient portals are an innovative and beneficial way for radiologists to communicate; you just have to use them.

Recently-passed bill in Congress aims to curb inappropriate utilization of imaging services and safeguard reimbursement.

The numbers are in. Our 2014 Radiology Compensation Survey rounds up the data from a variety of members in the radiology community. How many hours are they working? How much money do they make? Are they happy with their career choice? Find out here.

Radiology report turnaround times are significantly faster after implementation of speech recognition software.

Some advice to my fellow members of the radiology field, young and old.

From budgeting concerns to ensuring patient satisfaction, these are the most popular articles on Diagnostic Imaging this month.


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