Fewer Clients Improves Teleradiology Reads

Teleradiologists perform better when they focus on images sent from fewer hospitals rather than reading for a larger number of facilities.


In a radiologist’s afterlife, let the punishment fit the crime.

Recommending protocols and then interpreting the exam’s study is a satisfying feeling for radiologists.

We need to set a standard for the “terms” of radiology reports. Part 2 of 2.

Eric Postal

It can be difficult to decipher who has final say in radiology reports. Part 1 of 2.

Longer days correspond directly with an increase in volume of imaging studies.

Fulfilling the teleradiologist requirement to have annual PPD tests has taught me important life lessons.

With so many entities involved in healthcare, just who do radiologists work for?


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  • Radisphere’s best opportunities, according to Clayton T. Larsen, Radisphere senior vice president of client and network development, are community hospitals with 50 to 400 beds, particularly ones being served by poorly run radiology groups.

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