Advice for Young Radiologists: How to Recruit a Mentor


ARRS President Norman Beauchamp, MD, offers his advice for young radiologists, detailing how to best recruit a mentor and add value to your practice.

Norman J. Beauchamp, MD, president of the American Roentgen Ray Society and radiology chair at the University of Washington, agreed with his colleagues that finding a mentor is critical for new radiologists. But how?

“Some will think you sit back and wait for a mentor to walk up and say, ‘I’m here to teach you.’” Beauchamp said during an interview at the recent ARRS meeting in Washington, DC. “That’s not how it happens.”

Instead, Beauchamp recommended you approach it as a gap analysis. What skills do you have that you can offer others, particularly someone who you’d like as a mentor? What can you offer?

From his own experience, Beauchamp recalled wanting to learn how to write grants. He sought the mentorship of a well-known physician who was a skilled grant-writer. Knowing others also wanted him as a mentor, Beauchamp did some research to see what it was this physician needed.

It turned out, the doctor needed help reading thousands of MR scans. Beauchamp offered to help, and eventually this radiologist quickly turned to Beauchamp with the offer to let him participate in a grant preparation.

“Find a mentor, recruit a mentor, and work closely with them,” he said. “It’s essential.”

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