Diagnostic Imaging Weekly Scan: Sept. 18, 2020

Rethinking CMR during COVID-19; Abdominal Imaging and COVID-19; Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19; African American and Lung Cancer Screening; Plus, African American Women and Disadvantages in Breast Cancer Screening

Ultrasound Guidance Offers Quicker Relief and Better Function After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Minimally invasive ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release offers faster and longer-term relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

30-Pack-Year Threshold Too High to Catch At-Risk African American Smokers

Low-dose CT scans could catch more cancers if the lung cancer screening threshold were dropped to a history of 20-pack-years.

Reading Room Podcast: Micro-Ultrasound for Easier Prostate Cancer Screening

Dr. Laurence Klotz discusses micro-ultrasound as a faster, less invasive, more cost-effective screening strategy compared to mpMRI in this podcast.

DCIS Carries Three-Fold Risk of Death

September 17, 2020

Women treated with both surgery and radiotherapy for ductal carcinoma in situ fared best.

Reconsider That Cardiac MRI for Some COVID-19 Patients: Healthcare Experts Express Concern and Caution

September 17, 2020

A group of cardiologists, imaging specialists, and general medicine providers offer a warning about using CMR with asymptomatic patients and entreat professional societies from radiology and other specialties to craft guidance on proper usage.

Abdominal Radiologists Stay Alert: Some COVID-19 Patients Present with GI Symptoms Only

September 17, 2020

Nearly 20 percent of patients infected with the virus show up with gastrointestinal – but no respiratory – complaints.

Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety Plague One-Third of Radiologists During COVID-19

September 16, 2020

Providers from all care environments report some level of mental health impact during the pandemic.

Pairing DBT with Automated Breast Density Measurements Leads to Fewer Recalls

September 16, 2020

Combining DBT and synthetic mammography can mean less follow-up imaging for women with non-dense breasts – but not necessarily for women with dense tissue.

5 Things to Consider about Radiology Post-Pandemic

September 16, 2020

Getting Your Team Ready for the Future of Radiology in a Post-Pandemic World

MRI Knee Protocol Halves Scan Time, Safeguards Imaging Quality

September 15, 2020

The Compressed SENSE MRI technique can reduce scan time by more than half without impacting image quality or diagnostic certainty.

Patient Perceptions of Imaging Modalities and Ionizing Radiation

September 15, 2020

Improving patient communication not only augments patient understanding of their radiation exposure with imaging studies, but it bolsters trust in their healthcare providers, as well.

The Reading Room: Data Interoperability's Role in the Pandemic

September 15, 2020

Matthew Michela, president and chief executive officer of Life Image, discusses the role of data interoperability and accessibility during the pandemic.

5 Steps to Improve Your Value-Added Reputation

September 14, 2020

Industry experts offer advice on specific steps radiology can take to bolster the understanding it adds value to clinical care.