CT Study Says Deep Learning Model Could Help Differentiate Between Acute Diverticulitis and Colon Carcinoma

Researchers showed that adjunctive use of a deep learning algorithm resulted in an eight percent increase in sensitivity and a nearly 10 percent increase in specificity for differentiating between colon carcinoma and acute diverticulitis on computed tomography (CT) scans.

Is There Enough AI Emphasis in Radiology Residency Programs?

In a new survey, 83 percent of radiology residents agreed that artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) should be part of their curriculum but approximately 24 percent of residents said there are currently no AI/ML educational offerings in their residency program.

Navigating the Radiology Conundrum of Reading X-Rays When Follow-Up Imaging Has Already Been Done

When you’re asked to review an X-ray for a patient who already had follow-up imaging, do you consider the results of follow-up imaging or evaluate the X-ray with fresh eyes?