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Can AI Improve the Consistency of Breast Density Assessment by Radiologists?

December 06, 2022

In a recent video interview, Susan Holley, MD discussed key findings from a large retrospective longitudinal study, presented at the recent Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference, which found that an emerging artificial intelligence (AI) model was over 24 percent more consistent than radiologist assessment of breast density.

AI Assessment of 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images May Help Predict Breast Cancer

November 30, 2022

An emerging artificial intelligence algorithm, developed to estimate volumetric breast density from 3D-reconstructed digital breast tomosynthesis images, could potentially facilitate individual risk assessments for breast cancer.

Study Examines Racial Differences in Mammography and Ultrasound Imaging Characteristics of Breast Cancer

November 19, 2022

In a study of over 800 women with breast cancer, researchers found that African-American women had a higher rate of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and were less likely to have irregular masses in screening exams in comparison to non-Latina White women.

Current Insights on AI, Breast Cancer Screening and the FDA

November 08, 2022

In a recently published article, researchers from Yale University discuss the pros and cons of current FDA regulations as they apply to the clearance and use of adjunctive artificial intelligence (AI) software with conventional breast cancer screening modalities such as mammography.