AI-Fueled COVID-19 Detection Algorithm Slices Report Time 30 Percent

RADLogics’ CEO Moshe Becker discusses the potential role of the chest CT AI tool and the impact it could make into the future.

A radiology workflow artificial intelligence (AI) solution from RADLogics can help providers truncate their turn-around time for COVID-19 detection cases by up to 30 percent, according to a recently released study.

According to a clinical trial conducted at the Moscow Center for Diagnostics & Telemedicine, employing this AI solution to evaluate chest CT scans can shave 7 minutes off the time needed to produce a radiology report.

The study included 128,350 chest CT scans – 36,358 of which were assessed with the RADLogics algorithm – as well as 570 radiologists from more than 130 hospitals and outpatient facilities. The results were discussed earlier this month during ECR 2021.

Diagnostic Imaging spoke with Moshe Becker, chief executive officer and co-founder of RADLogics, about what makes this algorithm unique for use during the pandemic, as well as what benefits it provides for both radiologists and patients. In addition, he pointed to how the tool can be used as more vaccines are administered and the pandemic, potentially, begins to dissipate.

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