Amicas offer bares teeth


Other headlines:Volcano executive opens NasdaqMerge updates ortho package

An 8-K filing by Amicas with the Securities and Exchange Commission added details to the company's pending acquisition of Emageon. Restrictions built into the deal require the formal tender for Emageon shares to begin no later than March 5 and to remain open at least 20 business days. The goal is to pick up 90% of outstanding shares. If the amount tendered is fewer than that percentage, yet still a majority, however, a "Top-Up Option" allows the purchase of newly issued shares equal to the number needed to achieve the 90% threshold. If the deal is not consummated for reasons tied to Emageon, the to-be-acquired company will be on the hook for a $1.6 million termination fee.

Volcano executive opens Nasdaq

Volcano CEO Scott Huennekens rang the ceremonial opening bell for the Nasdaq this morning at the exchange's broadcast studio at 4 Times Square. Reflecting concerns about deepening recession, stocks were off in early trading.

Merge updates ortho package

A new software package from Merge Health combines software tools needed for orthopedic surgical planning, providing the basis for data integration into PACS and electronic medical records. This newest release of Cedara ProPlanner, version 3.1, features semiautomatic calibration, user-defined measurements, and image stitching that help decrease the time and cost of planning for surgeons and vendors. The company's OEM partners can rebrand the package and integrate it into existing PACS solutions, add it to a digital radiography or computed radiography modality, or offer it as a stand-alone workstation.

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