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Annalise ai Introduces Radiology Triage Platform for Head CT and Chest X-Ray Exams


Featuring 12 prior FDA clearances for chest X-ray and non-contrast head CT, the Annalise Triage platform may help streamline radiology workflows and prioritize timely diagnosis of urgent conditions.

Offering an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered modality to help prioritize head computed tomography (CT) and chest X-ray exams on radiology worklists, Annalise.ai has launched the Annalise Triage software platform.

The Annalise Triage modality includes 12 prior clearances from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for unenhanced head CT and chest X-ray, facilitating timely detection of conditions ranging from acute subdural hematoma and tension pneumothorax to pneumoperitoneum and obstructive hydrocephalus, according to Annalise.ai.

For busy radiologists faced with daunting imaging volumes amid ongoing radiologist shortages, Annalise.ai said the adjunctive AI capabilities with Annalise Triage can enhance worklist prioritization for cases involving chest X-rays and head CT scans.

“Our advanced algorithms support radiologists by facilitating prioritization of studies with suspected critical findings, thereby optimizing radiology workflow,” noted Rick Abramson, M.D., MHCDS, FACR, the chief medical officer at Annalise.ai. “With its set of clearances, Annalise.ai promotes faster report turnaround times by identifying and elevating critical cases for immediate attention.”

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