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The App Everyone Needs


Why should physicians have all the quality-assurance fun for themselves? Let everyone experience the joy.

(For best results, read the following in a sales-pitch kind of voice, and envision one of those sorta old-timey TV ads that ended with a blue-screen background and repeated a 1-800 number about half a dozen times.)

Are you tired of getting little or no customer service? Dealing with merchants and support-staff who couldn’t care less what you think of them?

You probably work hard at your job. Also try to behave well in your private life: Dotting your I’s, crossing your T’s, and generally doing the right things. Maybe you just take pride in it, or maybe you know that even the smallest misstep can be noticed and complained about. Next thing you know, there’s a blemish on your record that might come back to haunt you! Why doesn’t anybody else seem to feel the same way?

Well, now they can, thanks to the QApp! QA stands for Quality Assurance, which has been used in multiple fields including business and healthcare to identify sectors and individuals in need of improvement. The QApp was developed to help you, as an individual, introduce QA to people and businesses that might not be applying it to themselves.

Here’s how it works! Download the free app to your cellphone or computer. It’s completely anonymous, so there’s no need to register or enter any identifying information unless you want to. You can start using it right away!

Suppose you just took a trip and flew with Delta Airlines. Maybe their website made buying your ticket a hassle. Maybe whoever checked you in at the airport-counter wasn’t helpful. Perhaps the flight-attendant was rude to you.

Sure, you could try calling Delta’s customer-service department to complain-but are they going to even listen to you, much less do something about it? And how long will you have to wait on hold before you get to speak to someone?

Now, you can have instant satisfaction! You open the QApp and select Delta (most major business are listed in the app, and through the magic of crowdsourcing, you or other users can enter the name of any business that’s not). Better yet, the app lets you use drop-down menus to select or create subdivisions within a business, so you could target
reservations, check-in, or flight crew. You can even enter the specific name of an employee! Now, you proceed to give them a one- to five-star rating. If you like, you can also enter a comment about why they earned that rating from you.

It can be anything-a weather forecast that told you it would be a nice day, after which you headed to the beach and got rained on. Your mailman, who delivered an awaited parcel to someone else’s address. The fast-food drive thru that messed up your order. Even your neighbor who had a late party the night before you had to work, playing loud music that kept you awake!

You can look up anybody and anything in the QApp to see what others have thought of them. There’s a restaurant that everyone says gave lousy service? You’re not going there! The flight attendant who annoyed one too many passengers? She might not get her next job quite so easily if her interviewer looks her up first!

Smart businesses keep track of their performance on the QApp to see how they’re doing. People who want a good reputation will, also. Your feedback will have an effect! Even positive comments-suppose you had an absolutely amazing experience somewhere. Don’t you want everyone responsible to get credit for it?

Don’t let QA just be something for professionals like physicians. Why shouldn’t you hold everyone accountable for the things they do? Download the QApp today!*

* (Wouldn’t it be nice if you could? We could share the paranoid-wealth a little.)

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