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aycan Demonstrates New Integrated RIS/PACS


aycan at RSNA 2014 will demonstrate a new integrated RIS/PACS solution.

aycan will highlight at RSNA 2014 its latest vendor-neutral archiving, viewing, printing, and integration solutions and services.

The aycan workflow is a fully integrated RIS/PACS solution that provides a turnkey end-to-end digital imaging and patient management system, aycan said in a release. The system is comprised of aycan’s PACS and medQ’s RIS enterprise technology. The system includes a RIS driven workflow with full order entry and work lists for front office staff and technologists; complete patient histories; linking from the reading work list to the viewer; local cache preloading of image data on the workstation; report dictation options definable by the user (voice recognition and transcription-based); report macros with manual and automatic pre-population options; and fully automated report distribution options.

The aycan OsiriX PRO 3.0 will see new features in its database, viewer, advanced hanging protocols, plug-in, report plug-in, and more, aycan said.

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