Best of 2014: Diagnostic Imaging’s Most Popular Articles

Presenting Diagnostic Imaging's most popular articles of 2014.

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Breast Density Notification Laws by State - Interactive Map
UPDATED. Many states have laws on breast density notification after mammography screening – but not all notification is the same.

Which Imaging Exams Are Overused in the ED?
Four imaging tests were among five exams deemed “low value” in the emergency room, according to a JAMA Internal Medicine article.

Radiologists Can Decrease Unnecessary Scans after Pelvic Ultrasounds
Radiologists can reduce the number of unnecessary imaging procedures through quality improvement regarding the appropriateness of the tests.

White House Budget May Reduce Patient Access to Medical Imaging
Radiology groups concerned the Fiscal Year 2015 budget recommending prior authorization of advanced medical imaging will limit patients’ access to tests.

Imaging Dominates Latest Low-Value Tests List
More radiology tests found to be of low-value in the emergency room.


Case Studies

Misdiagnosis on CT of a Rare TumorCase History: 52-year-old woman with 12-month history of right upper quadrant pain and no other symptoms.

Waxing and Waning Intensity Abdominal Pain for 3 DaysCase History: 58-year-old male with 3-day history of waxing and waning intensity abdominal pain.

Acute Onset of Mass and PainCase History: 82-year-old male presented with acute onset of right inguinal region mass.

Osteosarcoma Left FemurCase History: 18-year-old patient with complaints of swelling in left lower limb.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest During CT ScanCaseHistory: An 83-year old, right cerebellar infarct, post tracheostomy, clinically stable patient was brought to the radiology department for CT scan of thorax with clinical suspicion of tracheo-esophageal fistula.


Image IQs

Image IQ: 47-year-old with Multiple Moles, Screening Mammogram
A 47-year-old female presents for her annual screening mammogram. The patient has a history of having “multiple moles,” and is otherwise healthy.

Image IQ: 10-year-old Male with Left Testicular Pain and Swelling
10-year-old male presents to the emergency department with left testicular pain and swelling for the last four days.

Image IQ: 50-year-old with History of Breast Cancer for Neck CT
A 50-year-old female with history of breast cancer presents for CT neck with IV contrast to evaluate for metastatic disease.

Image IQ: 35-year-old Female with Headaches
35- year-old female with prior history of breast carcinoma presented with frontal headaches.

Image IQ: 57-year-old with Dense Breasts, Spiculated Mass
A 57-year-old female presents for a screening mammogram.



The Radiologist’s Image
Is it time for a change in the radiologist's reputation?

The State of the Radiology Job Market
Are there more radiologists than there are jobs?

What Does a Radiologist Cost?
[INFOGRAPHIC] With medical school debt, fewer and lower paying jobs, and a general dark cloud around the field, how are radiologists faring?

The Radiologist's Value: Measuring the Immeasurable?
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements leaves many radiologists questioning, how will their value be measured?

The Future of Radiology Peer Review
Peer review is becoming an increasingly important quality measurement. Here’s how to make it work for your practice.



Fawlty Radiology
When no one reads the words on a radiology report, a frequent occurrence.

Digital Detachment and the Radiologist
Will technology make the radiologist obsolete one day?

How to Improve Your Attitude in 2014
Radiologists are feeling the squeeze, which can bring feelings of anxiety and dread. In 2014, resolve to banish the bad attitude and be happier. Here’s how.

Smile, Radiologists
With decreasing reimbursement and increasing workloads, it can be hard to put on a happy face. But we should ask: Are we treating others as we want to be treated?

Pay No Attention To That Radiologist Behind The Curtain, Please
People don’t need to see the true representation of radiologists.



2014 Compensation Survey: How Much Are Your Colleagues Really Making?
The numbers are in. Our 2014 Radiology Compensation Survey rounds up the data from a variety of members in the radiology community. How many hours are they working? How much money do they make? Are they happy with their career choice? Find out here.

The Hottest Products at RSNA 2014
Vendors reveal what products they are most excited about showcasing at RSNA 2014.

When Radiologists Don’t Want to be Radiologists
How three radiology-trained professionals made their careers outside of the reading room. Hint: they are all in the C-suite.

7 Things New Radiologists Need to Know
Advice from the trenches for new radiologists.

Making Imaging Centers Child Friendly
Pediatric imaging centers are becoming more kid friendly with elaborately decorated rooms and scanners. The result? Happy patients and potentially no sedation.