Book Review - CT


Computed Tomography: Fundamentals, System Technology, Image Quality, Applications

2nd ed., 2005, by Willi A. Kalender

Wiley-VCH; Euros 49.90 (hardcover); 306 pages.

The rapid development of CT has prompted many medical professionals to complain that information about this technology is lacking. This book fills that gap. Together with an accompanying CD-ROM, it contains current information on technology advances, including 64-slice CT. Clues are also given about future requirements and the next generation of scanners.

The book focuses on technical aspects of CT, from early experiences to the present day. Topics such as dose, image quality, speed, contrast resolution, and 3D processing are all described in simple terms. Additional technical details about the physics of each feature are also included. As expected, cardiac imaging receives a special mention. This new application is currently the driving force behind CT research and development, and the reason for so much interest in CT by manufacturers.

Kalendar guides inexperienced readers toward a basic understanding of CT, while also providing experts with desired details. I found it useful for consolidating my knowledge, but it could also provide resident radiologists with a short but effective introduction to CT. General radiologists might not need all of the information featured, such as discussions of multiple x-ray tubes, dual-energy scanning, and perfusion CT. But they will find everything they require to update their knowledge and be ready for the next generation of scanners.

In summary, the book is light but also full of information. It is timely, provides multimedia material, and offers insights into the bright clinical future of CT.

Filippo Cademartiri, M.D.

Radiologist, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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