Canon's Cartesion Prime is a Digital PET/CT Solution Fit for the Times

Canon's latest entry into the PET/CT market is a digital, air-cooled system that provides customizable solutions for a range of clients.

As the country--and the world--continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID pandemic, the imaging industry is looking to re-find its footing in an evolving landscape where customized solutions are key to success.

Enter Canon Medical's Cartesion Prime digital PET/CT, introduced in 2019, which provides a high-performance, adaptable system for today's evolving imaging technology. Optimizing both workflow and image quality via advanced silicon photomultiplier design with one-to-one coupling, fast time-of-flight and deep learning reconstruction technology, “this advanced technology has led to image quality improvements, while optimizing dose efficiency to reduce patient risk and speeding up acquisition time for improved throughput," said Tim Nicholson, managing director, Molecular Imaging Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA.

In an interview with Diagnostic Imaging, Nicholson expanded on the needs of the industry and how Canon is answering the call.