Carestream Health Continues Advances with 70 Patents Awarded in 2020


Portfolio includes 2D- and 3D-products for general and sub-specialty radiology.

During a year fraught with delays little in-person contact, Carestream Health secured 70 patents in the medical imaging industry, including ones for digital radiography and mobile X-ray systems.

These efforts included both domestic and international patents with 27 being awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and 43 coming from European and Asian countries.

According to a company statement, Carestream’s patents include:

  • Technology advances with radiology imaging detectors that include processing capabilities that can calibrate and correct X-ray images before transmission
  • 3D-image reconstruction methods
  • Medical long-length image capture technologies that use a single X-ray exposure for full spinal and extremity imaging
  • Mobile X-ray cart technology for bedside imaging with projection radiography, tomosynthesis, and fluoroscopy modes

Overall, Carestream’s product portfolio includes 2D- and 3D-ditigal medical imaging systems that can be implemented in both general and sub-specialty radiology, as well as digital laser imagers that can output medical images to film, a company statement said.

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