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Carestream Receives FDA Nod for Products in New Family of Ultrasound


Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE first of Carestream’s new family of ultrasound to receive FDA approval.

The first two products of Carestream’s new family of ultrasound systems received FDA clearance last week, Carestream announced.

The Carestream Touch Prime Ultrasound System and the Carestream Touch Prime XE Ultrasound system, which are both designed for general diagnostic imaging in radiology, were demonstrated at 2014 RSNA and the 2015 American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine meeting. The Touch Prime XE, the top-of-the-line system, offers an all-touch control panel, enhanced spatial detail with increased frame rates (in excess of 100Hz) for improved visualization of moving structures while optimizing image formation to reduce noise and artifacts, Carestream said in a release.

Imaging and Doppler improvements provide more consistent visualization of tissue contrast differences and improve visibility of small structures, Carestream said.

Optional features include DICOM, wireless connectivity, barcode and badge readers, and elastography.

“These new ultrasound systems build upon our proven expertise in digital X-ray systems,” Diana L. Nole, president, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream, said in a release. “We started with a clean slate and worked with customers to develop a new generation of ultrasound systems that enhance ease of use and productivity, while incorporating integrated GPU processing power that delivers fast response times and extremely high image quality.”

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