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Diagnostic Imaging Editorial Calendar 2013


Diagnostic Imaging Editorial Calendar 2013

Diagnostic Imaging’s 2013 content will include:

• Daily clinical and product news briefs
• Weekly feature articles based on the following calendar*
• Regular podcasts and videos
• Blog posts: regular contributions from physicians, imaging professionals, consultants, and industry experts
• Weekly polls and occasional surveys
• Case Studies
• Conference coverage


• Patient image exchange portals: what’s new and what are the benefits and drawbacks?
• Physician Quality Report System penalties: To avoid penalties in 2015, providers must report quality measures in 2013. Here’s what you need to know.
• What’s new in ultrasound elastography?
• Contrast agents: How are groups communicating risks to patients and ensuring proper administration?


• Facing a financial audit: Now what?
• Mobile computing update – A look at the increased use of smartphones in practice.
• Top ways radiologists can improve communications with referrers, patients.
• Improving communicaitons between radiologists and technologists


• A look at the new HIPPA rule and what it means for radiologists
• The role of supervising physician – what are the rules and duties?
• Radiology data registries 101 – what are they and what do you need to know to comply?
• Update on radiology market landscape – How are practices weathering the rash of mergers and acquisitions?
• Radiology Consultation Clinic – Mass General has a pilot program to facilitate consult between patients and radiologists. Are other academic departments doing the same?


• Imaging "steerage" - What is it and how is it affecting your business?
• Radiologist Compensation Survey – We present the results of our 2013 survey
• Enterprise Imaging – what is it and how do you know if it’s the right option for your institution?


  • Radiology group staffing: How to do more with less
  • MRI Reimbursement – Two MRI codes have been slashed by 30%. Here’s a closer look.
  • Rapid CT in the ER – A look at a pilot program in King’s College Hospital in London
  • Women in radiology – how has the landscape changed, how are women advancing their careers?
  • State of the Art: Ultrasound – The AUIM has declared 2013 as the year of the ultrasound. What’s new with this modality?


  • PET/MR – Two years after FDA approval, here’s a look at the state of this hybrid technology and what’s next. 
  • SIIM coverage
  • Considering retirement? Here's what you should do to plan for retirement in 10 years, five, one


This month will feature a four-part series on the Affordable Care Act and how it’s affecting radiologists: This series will explore new payment models, accountable care organizations, reimbursement cuts, and health insurance exchanges.

* PLEASE NOTE: This editorial calendar will be updated regularly and is subject to change. Contact Sara Michael at sara.michael@ubm.com with pitches and sources.

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