Diagnostic Imaging's A Look Ahead: Feb. 22, 2021, to Feb. 26, 2021

Here's what to expect this week on Diagnostic Imaging.

In this week’s preview, here are some highlights of what you can expect to see coming soon:

CT conolography has been growing in popularity for several years, largely due to the benefits for patient comfort. New research is now showing advancements and benefits of using machine learning with this method of screening for colon cancer. Look for coverage in the coming days of a study being published later this week.

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Pinpointing the correct treatment strategy for patients with acute ischemic stroke can be difficult. But, incorporating MRI with X-ray angiography can make the process easier, leading to improved patient outcomes. Findings published in Radiology recently shows that this combination works well to guide providers in deciding on the best therapy. Keep your eyes open for this story later in the week.

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February is American Heart Month, and state-of-the art, cutting edge cardiovascular imaging is critical to helping providers offer the best heart care possible. This week, Diagnostic Imaging spoke with industry experts about what is on the horizon with cardiovascular imaging. What does the future look like, and what does this mean for both patient and provider? Look for the story later in the week.

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