Diagnostic Imaging's A Look Ahead: Jan. 25, 2021, to Jan. 31, 2021


Here's what to expect this week on Diagnostic Imaging.

In this week’s preview, here are some highlights of what you can expect to see coming soon:

Last week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force release their plan for how they will craft the next breast screening guidelines. This week, Diagnostic Imaging takes a look at industry response the announcement and what providers think should factor into creating recommendations around this essential service for women.

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In the last 30 years, the incidence of thyroid cancer has rising dramatically, making effective imaging critical to identifying patients who have developed this condition and treating them as early as possible. This week, Diagnostic Imaging will speak with Erin Grady, M.D., associate professor and director nuclear medicine education at Emory University School of Medicine, about the latest in molecular imaging and therapy. Look for coverage later this week.

For additional articles on thyroid cancer, click here.

Gender equality has been a hot topic in radiology for decades as efforts are constantly improving to bring more women into the specialty and break down barriers that prevent career advancement. But, gender discrimination and sexual harassment are still a significant problem. This week, Diagnostic Imaging takes a look at the current state of this problem, highlighting some strategies that various institutions have taken to address these issues.

For additional coverage of gender issues in radiology, click here.

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