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Diagnostic Imaging's A Look Ahead: March 15, 2021, to March 19, 2021


Here's what to expect this week on Diagnostic Imaging.

In this week’s preview, here are some highlights of what you can expect to see coming soon:

Not only does the United States spend the largest percent of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare compared to other countries, but radiologists are also paid more here, by comparison, to anywhere else in the world. Research released this week from the United Kingdom takes a look at how countries value healthcare and where radiologists fall in compensation compared with other healthcare professionals. Look for the story later this week.

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Point-of-care ultrasound continues to grow in popularity, meaning that providers other than radiologists are becoming familiar with – and comfortable using – the modality. This week, Diagnostic Imaging speaks with two emergency providers about what non-radiologists need to know about the use of bedside renal ultrasound. Take a look at the story later this week to help better inform your non-imaging colleagues about how they can best use this tool.

For more coverage of renal imaging, click here.

Tomosynthesis has proven its value in better breast cancer detection. But, how is it being used across healthcare settings that may not have equivalent resources and expertise? This week, Diagnostic Imaging talks with Amy Patel, M.D., medical director of the Women’s Imaging Center at Liberty Hospital, about the impact tomosynthesis makes when used in conjunction with digital mammography in both academic and community settings. Keep your eyes open for the interview later this week.

For additional coverage on tomosynthesis, click here.

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