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Don't Watch This Space


Excessive cash flow? Full-functioning speech recognition? Here are some blog topic ideas that might not see the light of day.

I rarely write just one of these blogs at a time. Generally, two or three will develop in parallel. Sometimes, a completed entry will seem less than timely (for instance, a happy piece about this unusually mild winter written right before the current frigid week in my neck of the woods), and I'll shelve it until circumstances are more opportune.

Some seem guaranteed to eternal mothballing, however, and one does hope that effort spent on such pursuits will not turn out to be entirely wasted. At the very least, I thought I might share some of their titles:

Finding Uses for Your Practice's Excess Cash Flow

Voice Recognition: Now it's Flawless

10 New Indications for Pneumoencephalograms

Regulation - We Need More!

Asking for More Clinical History is a Sign of Weakness

Cooking with Barium: My Grandmother's Best Recipes

Insufficient Radiation - what You Can Do to Increase Dosage

Fun Applications of the Fourier Transform

Excessive Influence: Why DC Needs to Stop Listening to Doctors About Fixing Health Care

How Organized Crime Can Help Your Practice Get Ahead

Only Crybabies Want Tort Reform

One Eye Per Patient: How to Double Your Productivity

Dictating in Iambic Pentameter

Stark, Schmark: How to Self-refer Like a Champ

Why "Google Translate" Handles Informed Consent Just as Well as an Interpreter

8 Wasted Hours: You Should be Working More and Sleeping Less

Fun Things to Throw into the MRI Suite

Maintaining Certification and Licensure is Too Darned Easy

Throw 'Em Under the Bus: How to Scuttle Competitors' Careers via Peer Review

A List of Diagnoses from Famous Patients I Have Imaged - Come Get Me, HIPAA!

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