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FDA Approves Ultra Mobile Ultrasound by Philips


The FDA has approved VISIQ, an ultra mobile ultrasound system designed for greater mobility, manufactured by Philips.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given 510(k) clearance to the VISIQ ultrasound system by Philips.

The ultrasound system is heralded by Philips as being ultra mobile, and combines “greater mobility, performance and simplicity into a single miniaturized solution,” according to a release. The mobile option is an effort to increase access to quality diagnostic scans for more OB patients, and to provide a solution that is easily transported with a long battery life.

The VISIQ system features a transducer that fits comfortably in the user’s hand and was manufactured using advances in miniaturization to integrate a sophisticated broadband microdigital beam former and powerful acquisition module, the release said. The system is targeted for OB and abdominal applications.

The transducer is connected to a tablet display with touch-screen gestures. The tablet allows users to capture images, take measurements and share data, the release said. The system also offers many of the automatic image optimization features found on Philips’ EPIQ system and includes built in Wi-Fi for DICOM data transfer to hospital or cloud-based PACS.

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"VISIQ marks a new vision in ultrasound for Philips by allowing physicians to perform on-the-spot diagnostic scans, limiting the need for patients to go to multiple locations or schedule return visits," Gene Saragnese, CEO, Imaging Systems, Philips Healthcare, said in the release.

VISIQ is also commercially available in China, East Africa, France, Germany and India.

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