FDA Clearance Given for 6 MP LED Widescreen Radiology Display

The FDA has given clearance to NDS Surgical Imaging for the Dome S6c diagnostic display.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given 510(k) clearance for the Dome S6c display, a 6-megapixel LED widescreen diagnostic display.

The Dome S6c’s 30-inch widescreen can be viewed as a single 6 megapixel (MP) format, or in a dual 3 MP bezel-free arrangement. The display provides both grayscale and color images. With a native resolution of 3280 × 2048, the display is optimized for viewing a variety of modalities, including CR, DR, MR, CT, PET-CT, ultrasound, and 3D volume rendering. The 800cd/m2 high-bright LED-backlight technology and 1000:1 contrast ratio offers unique optical clarity and image brightness in varying light environments.

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 “Hallmarks of Dome’s intelligent engineering such as factory calibration, fanless cooling, non-reflective screens and ultra-slim design set the new Dome S6c apart as the most advanced, forward-thinking 6MP display available today,” Bill Carrano, president and general manager of NDSsi, the manufacturer of the Dome S6c display, said in a release.

The display weighs in at 29 lbs, making it easily maneuverable, and offers low-power LED performance. The display boasts a 170° viewing angle and is in DICOM compliance with no further field calibration required. Dome S6c includes a front sensor that performs daily DICOM conformance testing automatically, and on demand as needed.

The Dome S6c is the latest addition to the NDSsi S-series product family.

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