FDA Clears Siemens’ CTs for Low-Dose Lung Cancer Screening

The FDA has provided clearance for Siemens SOMATOM portfolio of CT scanners for low-dose lung cancer screening.

The U.S. FDA has cleared the SOMATOM CT systems by Siemens Healthcare for low-dose lung cancer screening, Siemens announced last week.

All of Siemens new CT scanners, as well as the company’s installed base of non-end-of-support systems use standard low-dose lung protocols already delivered on the scanners, Siemens said in a release. Automated settings in the Siemens’ portfolio, like reducing user variability, and setting an optimum range for scan settings that avoids cut-offs or excessive radiation, optimize the low-dose lung cancer screening workflow, Siemens said.

Siemens has also launched a mobile imaging solution for lung cancer screening aimed for people living in rural areas, the company announced. The mobile SOMATOM Scope CT is a self-powered mobile CT with an on-board diesel generator that is ready to scan “within minutes” of parking and is equipped with a high-speed wireless connection, Siemens said.

The indication for low-dose lung cancer screening is available for the following CT systems: SOMATOM Force, SOMATOM Definition Flash, SOMATOM Definition Edge, SOMATOM Definition AS/AS+, SOMATOM Perspective, SOMATOM Scope, and the SOMATOM Emotion 16.

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