Fluorescent imaging agent goes to market


Fluorescent imaging agent goes to marketVPDiagnostics mints MR plaque analysis softwareZiosoft unveils subscription program

Fluorescent imaging agent goes to market

VisEn Medical, a specialist in fluorescence in vivo imaging, launched a new in vivo imaging agent for preclinical research. Following the launch of IntegriSense 680, the new agent, IntegriSense 750, is tuned to the assessment of integrin αvβ3, a biomarker closely associated with disease-related vascularity and angiogenesis. The agent was developed out of the Merck-VisEn Biomarker Imaging research collaboration to enable in vivo imaging of the biomarker's expression in order to measure and monitor aspects of disease progression and therapeutic response of disease states including oncology, cardiovascular disease, and bone disease.

VPDiagnostics mints MR plaque analysis software

Postprocessing software firm VPDiagnostics has developed a way to document carotid artery atherosclerosis MR angiograms. The tool, MRI-PlaqueView, is set to begin a multicenter clinical trial sponsored by the NIH. Cleared in December 2008, the software provides semiautomated tools, a streamlined workflow, and an optimized user interface.

Ziosoft unveils subscription program

The imaging community need not dip into its capital equipment budget for thin-client postprocessing from Ziosoft. The Japanese company has launched a monthly subscription program that allows customers to gain access to its 3D advanced visualization system, which reconstructs large image data sets acquired from CT and MR systems.

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