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GE HealthCare Launches AI Mammography Platform with Key Applications from iCAD


Offering an all-in-one platform of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, MyBreastAI Suite reportedly facilitates early breast cancer detection and enhances efficiency with breast imaging workflows.

Recognizing the challenges of increasing imaging volume and workforce attrition in radiology, GE HealthCare has launched MyBreastAI Suite with the goal of facilitating improved breast cancer detection on mammography exams while streamlining radiology workflows with artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

MyBreastAI Suite, an all-in-one AI platform geared to detection and assessment of breast cancer, features three AI applications developed by iCAD: ProFound AI for DBT (digital breast tomosynthesis), SecondLook for 2D Mammography, and PowerLook Density Assessment.

Studies have shown an 8 percent increase in sensitivity, a 6.9 percent increase in specificity and a 52 percent decrease of reading time with ProFoundAI for DBT, according to GE HealthCare. After radiologists have reviewed images from GE HealthCare’s full-field digital mammography (FFDM) devices, the company said they can utilize the SecondLook for 2D Mammography application to check for regions of interest they may have missed.

GE HealthCare also noted that the AI-powered mammogram analysis of PowerLook Density Assessment facilitates standardized reporting and risk stratification with breast density evaluation.

“Through this new all-in-one AI platform designed to offer radiologists enhanced clinical decision support and streamlined workflows, clinicians will be able to deliver more timely, accurate and personalized breast care in their practices today,” said Mario Lois, the general manager of AI for Women’s Health at GE HealthCare. “We know that early detection is key and AI solutions show great promise in advancing breast cancer screening and transforming workflow for radiologists.”

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