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GE Healthcare Launches AI-Enabled X-Ray System


The Definium 656 HD fixed X-ray system reportedly features enhanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven image processing, facilitates radiology workflows, and reduces patient positioning time.

Offering the promise of improved efficiency with in-room workflows, reduced strain with patient positioning and robust image quality, GE Healthcare has introduced a new fixed X-ray system with Definium 656 HD.

In order to alleviate some of the physical demands with patient positioning and ensure optimal image capture, the Definium 656 HD system offers a variety of features. GE Healthcare said these features include: 5-axis motorization and automatic positioning; a 12” touchscreen on the tube head console that facilitates automated adjustments to in-room workflows; and 3D camera technology through the system’s Intelligent Workflow Suite that enables more consistent image quality and prevents unnecessary repeat X-rays.

The Definium 656 HD platform incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to provide enhanced anatomic detail and clarity through the use of Helix 2.2 advanced image processing and 100 um FlashPad HD detectors, according to the company.

GE Healthcare said other benefits of the Definium 656 HD system include multi-level image slice capabilities with the VolumeRAD™ Digital Tomosynthesis feature and the enhancement of the Auto Image Paste feature with AutoSpine, which facilitates precise and efficient stitching of long images.

“(The Definium 656 HD system) enables healthcare providers to benefit from the highest levels of motorization, automation, assistive intelligence, and advanced applications offered to date in GE Healthcare’s fixed X-ray portfolio,” noted Tanya Lancaster, the general manager for Fixed X-Ray at GE Healthcare. “Not only does the system provide optimal image quality, but it can also reduce the physical workload for (clinicians) and streamline the overall exam workflow.”

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