Healthlink Executives Recognized for Contributions to Healthcare Information Technology

HOUSTON, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Healthcare and Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recognized executives from Healthlink Incorporated for their significant contributions to the society and the industry at the 2004 Annual HIMSS Conference

HOUSTON, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Healthcare and Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recognized executives from Healthlink Incorporated for their significant contributions to the society and the industry at the 2004 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition. Healthlink is a Houston-based, privately held, provider-focused healthcare information systems consulting firm. Ivo Nelson, president and CEO, and Dr. Lynn Vogel, vice president, were recognized at an awards banquet held February 24. Last December, Randy Thomas, vice president was also recognized as the first recipient of the Spirit of HIMSS award.

"Healthlink prides itself on being active in industry organizations such as HIMSS that are improving the way the healthcare industry operates and serves patients," said Nelson. "I encourage every member to contribute, whether publishing articles on information technology issues or serving on a committee, in order to effect change in the health information space."

HIMSS presented Nelson, former vice chair of HIMSS, with the Leadership Award, which recognizes individuals who, in the judgment of the HIMSS Board of Directors, have demonstrated significant leadership within the Society and/or the industry. The award also honors Nelson's leadership, vision, and openness in reunifying the HIMSS and CHIM organizations, serving to create not only a corporate membership category for HIMSS but also granting the organization an advocacy capability it did not possess before.

"Open, honest dialogue was essential to the reunification of these two organizations," said Nelson. "This is an important evolution for HIMSS. By reuniting the provider voice with the vendor voice, the development of products and services tailored to meet the needs of the healthcare information industry has been enriched on both sides."

HIMSS also honored Dr. Lynn Vogel with the Article of the Year Award, which recognizes a research paper or case study that offers exceptional insight for information and management systems professionals. Vogel's article titled "Finding Value from Information Technology Investments: Exploring the Elusive ROI in Healthcare" appeared in the Fall issue of the Journal of Healthcare Information Management. In the article, Vogel explores IT value research, discusses its applicability to IT investments in healthcare, and highlights how it is challenged by several factors unique to the healthcare industry. He also presents a set of guidelines to help determine the value of healthcare IT investments.

Last December Randy Thomas was recognized by HIMSS as the first recipient of the "Spirit of HIMSS" Award, a new monthly award that honors individuals who have enhanced the Society's image at the federal level and within the healthcare information community. Through her service as chair of the HIMSS Advocacy Committee since August of 2002, Thomas has increased the committee's influence, successfully helped the Board take positions on seven pieces of federal legislation critical to the industry, expanded the Chapter Outreach program to educate members on the importance of advocacy to the HIMSS mission, and strengthened the presence of HIMSS in Washington, D.C.

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