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IBM Watson Health Imaging Opens Imaging AI Marketplace


One-stop-shop for artificial intelligence applications launched.

CHICAGO - Finding and purchasing AI imaging applications just got a bit easier.

IBM Watson Health Imaging announced the launch of its Imaging AI Marketplace at this year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. The single-source solution marketplace is designed to help streamline the process of locating, buying, deploying, and managing the ever-growing options for AI Imaging applications. The one-stop-shop experience simplifies a process that can be complex and resource-draining.

As a carefully-controlled database of AI applications, the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace only includes solutions that have been cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, as well as AI solutions developed by Watson Health. This vetted catalog offers solutions for a wide range of specialties and modalities to meet customer needs.

In addition to this extensive collection of applications, the Imaging AI Marketplace also helps customers deploy AI imaging applications into their existing clinical workflow, potentially minimizing disruptions to physician productivity, and maximizing patient care.

Customers can access the Imaging AI Marketplace via IBM Watson Health’s iConnect™ Enterprise Archive.

To date, IBM Watson Health Imaging has several vendor partners for its Imaging AI Marketplace. So far, the company has partnered with Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., MaxQAI, Quantib BV, VIDA LungPrint.

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