Image IQ: 5 Hardest Quizzes

We've stumped you before, so give them another try: our 5 hardest Image IQs.

Every other week, Diagnostic Imaging puts you to the test with Image IQs. You receive a little clinical history (probably more than you normally see!) and the imaging exam(s) and guess the diagnosis. Most of the time, you nail it. But sometimes, the finding is rare or the diagnosis just escapes you. So we’re giving you a second chance. We’ve gathered the five Image IQs that stumped the most people and we’re asking you again, what’s your diagnosis?

Good luck!

If you want to read more about the diagnoses featured in this quiz, the full discussions are linked below. No peeking!

Question 1. Image IQ: 52-year-old Female with Family History of Breast Cancer

Question 2. Image IQ: 34-year-old Male, Worsening Numbness and Weakness

Question 3. Image IQ: 72 year-old Female, Focal Asymmetry in Breast

Question 4. Image IQ: Palpable Lesion in a Prior Cancer Patient

Question 5. Image IQ: 23-year-old Male with Elbow Pain

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