Improving Quality in Radiology

[VIDEO] Addressing quality improvement in radiology while changing how we care for patients.

“The way we are taking care of patients is drastically changing,” Mark Lerner, RT, Director of Diagnostic imaging, George Washington University hospital, Washington DC, said at AHRA 2014.

Lerner was referring to the shift from patient to consumer and the need for the healthcare provider to adapt and start to provide a consumer experience. In the past, Lerner said, patient care was considered a task, one that required completing a definitive duty.

“For example, in the field of radiology, you would complete your chest X-ray, that was your task…now all of this is changing,” Lerner said. “Now, hospitals and healthcare clinics are focusing on treating the patient in a holistic manner…it is ‘what connection can you make with the patient in the short time you are with them?’”

Lerner acknowledges the challenge presented by connecting with a patient you spend just a couple of minutes with. But he stresses that looking at the customer experience from beginning to end is the key to providing a holistic experience.

Using quality metrics and evaluating current processes can help administrators identify areas that can be improved.

“Anything you look at can be improved,” Lerner said. He acknowledged that processes that are revolved around high-risk or high-volume should be prioritized for improvement.

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