Inside the RadPartners-MEDNAX Fusion: What's To Come

Diagnostic Imaging spoke with Radiology Partners Chairman and CEO Rich Whitney, Associate CMO Nina Kottler, M.D., and MEDNAX Radiology Solutions CMO Ricardo Cury, M.D., about this newly finalized partnership, what it means for the companies, and how it could impact the industry.

On Dec. 16, Radiology Partners and MEDNAX Radiology Solutions announced the completion of their partnership – a deal that has been valued at $885 million.

This agreement fuses MEDNAX’s more than 800 radiologists with the 1,600 providers who currently work for Radiology Partners. More than 300 of MEDNAX’s providers currently work onsite in several states, and 500 more are teleradiologists.

Across the industry, this partnership is expected to open doors for larger clinical programs and significant levels of innovation. Diagnostic Imaging sat down with MEDNAX chief medical officer Ricardo Cury, M.D., as well as Radiology Partners chairman and chief executive officer Rich Whitney and associate chief medical officer Nina Kottler, M.D., to talk about why this merger is a good fit, what new capabilities it introduces, and what it could mean for radiology as a whole.

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