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InSight revenues fall


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InSight revenues fall
Revenues decreased 17% for InSight Health in the fourth quarter, adding to an already down year for the provider of outpatient and mobile imaging services. For fiscal 2009 ended June 30, revenues decreased 13% from approximately $265 million in the previous fiscal year to $229 million. In the fourth quarter, revenues from fixed operations decreased approximately 21% to approximately $32.3 million, principally due to declines at imaging centers. Revenues from mobile operations decreased approximately 12% to $21.3 million, primarily due to reductions in reimbursement from its customers and a decline in the number of customers served. For the fiscal year, revenues for fixed operations decreased 17% to $139 million, while those for mobile operations decreased 6% to $90 million.

PET radiotracer developers expand support
Aposense and Ion Beam Applications have agreed to share the cost of phase III clinical tests aimed at commercializing a PET radiotracer that promises to show after a few days whether a chemo regimen is helping cancer patients. The radiotracer, dubbed Aposense 18F–ML-10, is designed to visualize apoptosis, a fundamental biological process of controlled cell death. Phase II trials are currently underway. Phase III studies, which the companies hope will pave the way ultimately to FDA approval, will not begin until at least 2011. The new agreement between Aposense and Ion Beam Applications expands their collaboration, struck last year, to develop and supply the radiotracer to multiple clinical trial sites in the U.S., and to develop the processes necessary for commercial scale distribution.It also details their collaboration in marketing the radiotracer, following its regulatory approval.

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