Intelerad Launches Technologist Portal

CHICAGO-Intelerad will demo at RSNA 2015 its newly launched Technologist Portal.

Intelerad Medical Systems will demo at RSNA 2015 its newly launched Technologist Portal, a solution that facilitates case assignment and data entry for technologists.

The Technologist Portal integrates directly with the IntelePACS and InteleOne XE systems. The technologist’s worklist allows them to see their pending patients, start and complete exams, modify demographics, view images, and scan documents, according to a release. The system also offers customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets, the company said.

The web-based solution is accessible from any browser.

Intelerad will also be debuting updated features to its IntelePACS 4.12.1, including multi-method reporting, updates to the Tomosynthesis Module; and InteleRIS, which now integrates with the ACR BI-RADS, and InteleViewer, which now integrates with PenRAD MIS as well as the National Breast Screening Service in the UK.

Visit Intelerad at booth 3343.

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