Key Behaviors of Patient-facing Employees

VIDEO: Radiology facilities are increasing their focus on patient satisfaction. Consultant Jamie Verkamp discusses qualities of patient-facing employees.

As reimbursements decline and imaging facilities look at new profit models, an emphasis on patient satisfaction is on the rise.

“We have to focus and really put an effort in to deliver an experience for our patients,” said Jamie Verkamp, managing partner at (e)Merge Medical Marketing Consultants. It’s especially important to consider patient satisfaction now that reimbursements are tied to patient satisfaction scores, she added in an interview at the recent AHRA 2013 annual conference.

To boost those scores, Verkamp said facilities should start by examining the behaviors of patient-facing employees. She stressed the importance of ensuring imaging centers employ the right people with the right characteristics in the right positions.

“Skills can be taught,” she said, “but behaviors are hard to change.”

In this video, Verkamp shares what she considers to be the top three qualities of patient-facing employees, along with some advice for leaders on how to cultivate those behaviors.

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