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Konica Minolta Features New Digital Solution


CHICAGO-Konica Minolta will display at RSNA 2015 its new Aero DR LT.

Konica Minolta will feature at RSNA 2015 its new digital radiology solution, AeroDR LT.

The AeroDR LT was designed to minimize the effects of wear and tear that come with alternative wireless flat panels, according to a release. The enclosure is lightweight, hardened, IPX6-rated, and liquid resistant. The AeroDR LT weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) and can hold patients up to 661 pounds (300 kg) on a bed.

Konica Minolta states its new digital features, such as compatibility with AeroSync automatic exposure detection and roaming capabilities, and usability with most fixed and portable X-ray devices, are the cornerstone of the modern radiology department. AeroDR LT's provides the opportunity to preview images within one second of use and deliver fully processed images in as little as six seconds, the release said.

The lithium ion capacitor gets up to 4.1 hours of imaging use or 150 images with a 13-minute charge time, the company said. The built-in panel drop sensors and continuous panel handling data monitoring can help reduce repair costs and avoid failures, the release stated.

Visit Konica Minolta at booth 2729.[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_crop","fid":"43744","attributes":{"alt":"AeroDR LT","class":"media-image","id":"media_crop_6811964798059","media_crop_h":"0","media_crop_image_style":"-1","media_crop_instance":"4829","media_crop_rotate":"0","media_crop_scale_h":"0","media_crop_scale_w":"0","media_crop_w":"0","media_crop_x":"0","media_crop_y":"0","title":"AeroDR LT","typeof":"foaf:Image"}}]]

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