Konica Minolta to Debut New Point-of-Care Ultrasound Device at RSNA Conference

The Sonimage MX1 Platinum device reportedly offers a number of features to provide optimal ultrasound image resolution in a variety of point-of -care settings.

Offering the promise of enhanced image quality for point-of-care assessments, Konica Minolta Healthcare has launched Sonimage® MX1 Platinum, a new portable ultrasound device that will be showcased at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference Nov. 27-Dec. 1 in Chicago.

The company credits the device’s advanced imaging algorithm for bolstering the quality of color and grayscale modes. Reducing speckle and graininess, the imaging algorithm delivers high resolution ultrasound images while preserving optimal frame rates, according to Konica Minolta Healthcare.

Other features of the Sonimage MX1 Platinum ultrasound system include: the use of L18-4 and HL18-4 wide-band frequency linear probes for musculoskeletal exams; a S4-2 phased array that allows quick perioperative heart scans; and Simple Needle Visualization®, which reportedly improves needle placement for biologic injections.

“With an aging population and continued increase in musculoskeletal diseases, physicians are turning to (point-of-care ultrasound) for a faster diagnosis of the patient’s injury or pain, and to more confidently place injections,” noted Joan Toth, a senior product marketing manager at Konica Minolta Healthcare. “The MX1 Platinum System is a compact yet powerful device that delivers immediate and high-quality images at the point of care.”