Koning Corporation Launches AI Software for 3D Breast CT


The artificial intelligence (AI) software facilitates high-resolution three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) images of the breast.

Could three-dimensional (3D) computed tomography (CT) be a game changer for early detection of breast cancer?

Koning Corporation has announced the launch of adjunctive artificial intelligence (AI) software that can produce 3D CT breast images through seamless integration with the company’s existing breast CT devices.

In addition to the high-resolution 3D images, Koning said the AI software provides significant noise and artifact reductions.

The company said the technological advancements with the new proprietary AI software may facilitate earlier detection of breast cancer.

“We are proud to introduce this revolutionary AI-enhanced breast CT software. This update to our current platform is set to redefine the standards of image quality in breast CT imaging, empowering radiologists to detect even the smallest irregularities at the earliest stages,” noted Lutao Ning, the chief executive officer of Koning.

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