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Kubtec Introduces Newly FDA-Approved Low-Dose DR System


Kubtec announced FDA approval of their low-dose DR system, KUB 250, which will be showcased at RSNA 2014.

Kubtec announced yesterday FDA approval of the KUB 250, a portable low-dose digital X-ray system for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), which will be featured at RSNA 2014.

Kubtec claims that the KUB 250 is the first truly portable low-dose DR and the world’s highest resolution low-dose imaging system for the NICU. It comes in at 24” × 24” and weighs 200 lbs. Present day digital X-ray systems maintain pixel resolution of 150–170 micron range, according to Kubtec. The KUB 250 images with 96 micron resolution. Kubtec claims that the KUB 250 eliminates the need for additional X-rays and can minimize radiation dose to the infant by as much as 40% for each acquired image.

The KUB 250 is designed to fit beside incubators in the NICU. It features an articulating arm for decubitus views and a lightweight DR detector that slides into the incubator slot, this, according to Kubtec, eliminates the need to move the neonate. Also, Kubtec said, having the KUB 250 as a dedicated system for the NICU decreases risk of cross-contamination from other areas of the hospital.

“We believe the KUB 250 will have a tremendous impact on the treatment of infants as it will provide the physicians with the advantage of better diagnostic quality images while reducing the radiation dose to the patients,” said Vikram Butani, president, Kubtec. “We are proud to extend our expertise and commitment to the most vulnerable patients in the NICU.”

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