MammoCoach Debuts Online Mammography Teaching Tool

MammoCoach will debut at RSNA 2014 an online teaching product for screening mammography.

MammoCoach will debut at RSNA 2014 its online teaching product that earns recipients CME and improves their screening mammography skills, the company announced.

The tool is devised to increase a readers experience to more than 1000 mammograms, MammoCoach said. MammoCoach was developed by a team of experts from academia, private practice, industry, and public health.

MammoCoach includes a cloud-based collection of 1000 screening mammograms, including two-year-old prior studies on a viewer with hanging protocols to evaluate the cases in a timely fashion. Among the cases are 100 recalls, including diagnostic work-up and a final amount of 3–5 malignancies, as well as access to a large electronic case collection to further retrain certain aspects of breast imaging, the company said. Cases can be reviewed with feedback from faculty, comparison with peers, and learning cases.

The tool also provides a feature that shows the user when other readers, including the five most experienced super readers, decided not to call the patient back based on specific criteria.

MammoCoach is self-proclaimed as “the first online teaching program focusing on coaching screening mammography skills under realistic conditions.”


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