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ORLANDO, FL, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MedcomSoft Inc. (TSX - MSF) unveiled today at the Health Information Management Systems Society conference in Orlando Florida, in collaboration with its business alliance partner Plante & Moran, PLLC,

ORLANDO, FL, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MedcomSoft Inc. (TSX - MSF) unveiled today at the Health Information Management Systems Society conference in Orlando Florida, in collaboration with its business alliance partner Plante & Moran, PLLC, the latest addition to its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Suite, the new MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC). Residing on a patient's keychain or a Bluetooth enabled device, such as a cellular phone or PDA, MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) is a complete and detailed patient electronic medical record that contains all the information related to the patient's health and conditions. MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) could be easily viewed and updated by different healthcare providers therefore contributing to the proper continuity of patient care and a reduction in the duplication of tests and procedures.

Built with discreet and numerically codified data elements, MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) will contain a detailed record of the patient medical history, allergies, immunizations, current medications, and laboratory results. In addition, MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) holds all data elements related to the symptoms, physical examination, tests, diagnosis and therapies previously captured by the patient's primary care provider. MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC)'s integrated advanced tools can quickly aggregate the patient's data related to any of their conditions and presented in an easy-to read or graph spread sheet format. This will accelerate the management of a specific condition by different providers without the need of continuously reading numerous pages of text captured throughout previous encounters of care.

MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) is a highly secure and fully encrypted electronic chart that requires the patient's authorization before any access by another provider. This enables the patient to maintain control of their private medical data without concern of unauthorized access.

MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) is compatible with any system using the MEDCIN point-of-care terminology and can be easily mapped to other reference terminologies, such as CPT, ICD9 or SNOMED. This compatibility ensures the safeguard of the codified patient information in a format that can be easily imported by different systems from different vendors. Additional features for collaboration, import, and incremental updates are available with other providers using MedcomSoft record that can append new information to the chart in a compatible format.

MedcomSoft will also offer providers who are not users of either MEDCIN, or MedcomSoft Record the capability of aggregating and viewing the chart information related to any specific patient condition in a graphical format by providing a secure link to a MedcomSoft portal that has all the necessary tools to perform extensive manipulation of the patient chart.

"We believe that MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC) is an important step in the support of HIPAA compliance through the creation of secure, standard and portable patient charts that could greatly contribute to a better quality of care and a reduction of healthcare delivery costs" said Dr. Sami Aita Chairman and CEO of MedcomSoft.

Presentations and press interviews will be provided at MedcomSoft exhibit in Booth No. 5312 at HIMSS throughout the conference.

MedcomSoft Inc. designs, develops and markets cutting-edge software solutions to the healthcare industry. MedcomSoft has pioneered the use of codified point of care medical terminologies and intelligent pen-based data capture systems to create a new generation of portable and secure electronic medical records (EMR). As a result of MedcomSoft innovations, physicians and managed care organizations can now securely build and exchange complete, structured and homogeneous electronic patient records. MedcomSoft applications are written with the latest Microsoft tools to run on the Windows platform (Windows 2000 & XP), operate with MS SQL Server 2000(TM), support MS Terminal Server and fully integrate with MS Office 2003, Exchange and Outlook(R). MedcomSoft applications are fully compatible with Tablet PCs and wireless technology.

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