MedCurrent reaches out to radiology

Other headlines:FDA clears perfusion software

MedCurrent reaches out to radiology

The newest release of a web-based insurance eligibility verification tool developed by MedCurrent includes capabilities for imaging centers to automate insurance workflow, eliminate errors, reduce denied claims, speed collections, and improve cash flow. MedCurrent Verify connects to databases from more than 350 U.S.-based insurance carriers to secure real-time patient coverage information. Extending this capability to imaging centers will help centers improve claim submission accuracy and optimize reimbursement, according to MedCurrent. This specially developed version of Verify includes specialty templates that deliver radiology-specific eligibility information first, eliminating the need for time-consuming scrolling.

FDA clears perfusion software

Prism Clinical Imaging has been cleared by the FDA to begin marketing a suite of brain perfusion software programs designed to make functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and advanced physiological studies available in general clinical practice. One module, called Prism Acquire, addresses contrast injection, including preload, and acquisition of time course data on popular MR scanners using gradient-echo and/or spin-echo sequences. The second, Prism Process, provides model-free automatic time course analysis with patented algorithms for leakage correction. The third, Prism View, displays the resulting cerebral blood volume maps integrated with other functional and physiological information and makes them available for export to PACS, treatment planning, and neuronavigation systems.

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