Medic Vision: ‘Only FDA-cleared 3rd Party XR-29 Solution at RSNA’

Medic Vision will present at RSNA 2016 its XR-29 solution.

Medic Vision Imaging Solutions will present at RSNA 2016 their FDA-cleared SafeCT-29.

SafeCT-29 is the first and only FDA-cleared third party XR-29 solution that helps meet the NEMA XR-29 (Smart Dose) standard, according to a release. Practices that meet the standard can avoid a CMS penalty, which will rise to 15% in 2017 for non-compliant scanners.

SafeCT-29 is CT-vendor neutral and offers full compliance with all of the XR-29 Dose Check and RDSR requirements, according to the release. The system is fully automatic and enables the technologist to maintain their existing workflow, the release said, it connects to the CT console, analyzes data in real time, and alerts the operator if the dose is too high. After the scan, SafeCT-29 generates Radiation Dose Structured Reports, as required by the XR-29 standard, the release said.

Medic Vision will be at booth 7938.