Merge enhances software toolkit

June 9, 2009

Other headlines:Siemens showcases volumetric echo

Merge enhances software toolkit

The latest updates to the DICOM standard and new interfaces using the HL7 standard are part of Merge Healthcare's newly released version of its MergeCOM-3 toolkit. Designed to help network medical products such as scanners and diverse IT products, Version 4.0 supports DICOM enhancements for high-definition video, mammography, and color MRI.

Siemens showcases volumetric echo

Siemens Healthcare is framing its Acuson SC2000 as a new gold standard in echocardiography this week at the American Society of Echocardiography meeting. The latest release of this system features unique technologies that deliver nonstitched real-time full-volume 3D images of the heart acquired in a single heart cycle, according to the company. Siemens is also showcasing the Acuson AcuNav V ultrasound catheter, which delivers real-time volumetric information from inside the heart to support therapeutic ablation procedures and other electrophysiology applications.